Dr. Taliah Schmitt

What makes a good Plastic Surgeon?

One might say it's experience. That's not enough. Most board certified plastic surgeons have a wide experience, worked on thousands of cases, and yet not all of them are what you would consider a good plastic surgeon.
Besides theoretical education and surgical skills, the one factor that makes all the difference is the listening skills. Your surgeon needs to understand perfectly your vision, take all the time needed to listen to you, work with you and accompany you along the way to make your vision a reality. That also means, he will have to tell you if your goal cannot be reached, and the reasons for it.
Plastic surgery is at the meeting point of science and art, there is no "one fit for all" procedure. Each patient is unique, and that's how you should be considered by your surgeon.

Why am I the right Plastic Surgeon for you?

Dr. Taliah Schmitt A relation based on mutual trust between the patient and the surgeon is the key to a successful outcome in plastic surgery. I pride myself in spending a lot of time listening to my patients, explaining every step of the way to them in order to achieve their goal.
I only want to get you the best results possible, and for that reason, I will put all my knowledge, surgical expertise, and a touch of art to bring your vision to reality.
If your demand is unrealistic, I will explain to you the reasons why I refuse to perform the surgery you're asking for.
You took the step to come see me, I will make it worth your time and money, by spending as much time with you as needed, giving you all the details you ask for and plan together with you a unique procedure that will match all your expectations.